Our Objectives
Our Strategy
  • To meet the needs of orphaned children regardless of personal background, religion, health status or gender.
  • To endeavour to ensure that a high standard of care and a positive and life changing environment is made available to orphans registered with FOF.
  • To encourage the development of self sufficiency among orphans by active participation in orphan community projects.
  • To promote child welfare policies and education regarding HIV/AIDS related illnesses and be a source of care to those children who have been left victims.
  • To grant each child the opportunity to learn about the love of Christ through the example of commitment and care provided by FOF.
  • To establish financial security for the ongoing provision of registered orphans and future FOF community projects through the development and maintenance of self-help income generating projects.
  • To increase national and international sponsorship by advancing the reputation and awareness of FOF and its ministries.