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Through the Faith Orphanage Education program, young people affected by HIV/AIDS will progress in education to help them take their place in Zambia in the future.

Faith Orphanage Foundation is already assisting 3,900 orphans in at least 24 communities within the Copperbelt and Chingola/Solwezi areas.

Each child will be given an opportunity to receive an education from grade 1 to grade 12. Some children will be assisted to attend a school/college of higher education.

Project Goal:
To holistically meet the educational needs of orphaned children in Zambia and enable them to have a chance in life, breaking the cycle of HIV/AIDS and the resulting poverty in their respective communities.

Annual Project Cost
$180,000. US

Teen Missions Life Changing Camp
Teen Missions Life Changing Camp

Through the teen mission camp, young adult orphans will have five weeks of camping experience to bring fun, learning, fellowship into their lives.

70 youth and 30 implementers (counsellors) from the 24 communities will be given a chance to attend teen mission camp in December

Project Goals:
To give each of the youth a wonderful camping experience with fun, learning of the Word of God, learning of a skill, and fellowship with each other. Each youth will learn stewardship, bricklaying, plumbing, evangelism, chicken and rabbit rearing.

Annual Project Cost
100 youth at $120.00 each:
$12,000. US

Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Boxes
Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Boxes

Through the Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Boxes each orphan and vulnerable child will receive the gift of a shoe box to bring an expression of love to each child.

3,500 orphaned and vulnerable children plus the implementers will receive a Christmas gift of a Shoe Box

Project Goals:
To bring enjoyment into each child’s life.

Annual Project Cost:
4,000 Shoe Boxes at l,000 kwacha/box = 6 million kwacha + transportation 
$5,425.00 US

Clothing shipments
Clothing Shipments

Twice a year good quality, new clothing (in many cases hand made) is collected in Cambridge, Ontario for Faith’s Orphans Fund. The collection and packing of the clothing is completed by volunteers at no cost. However, there is a cost of approximately $40 per box (Banana Box) to ship and distribute each box to rural Zambia.

If you would like to assist with clothing, sewing, knitting, collection or packing, Please contact Doraine Ross
(519) 740-1422.

Bi-annual Project Cost
$40 per box
$8,000 US (approx 200 boxes per shipment)

Leadership Training Seminar
Leadership Training Seminar

Faith Orphanage Foundation already has 400 volunteers/implementers in l6 communities caring for the orphans. 40 to 50 of these are leaders/change agents.

Project Goals:
Through the Faith Orphanage leadership training seminar community leaders will learn motivational skills to better be able to take care of the orphaned children in their community.

Annual Project Cost
$6,000.00 US