Click HERE to see the video highlights and project update from Campus Church's missions trip to Zambia. It is amazing to see what this team has done to help Faith and the orphans. You can make a difference!
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The reality of Zambia is this: 70% of Zambians live in absolute poverty, struggling for survival. Poverty is compounded by the sweeping pandemic of HIV and AIDS. Hundreds of thousands of children have been orphaned and left homeless because extended families no longer have the means to care for them.

On a daily basis, rising numbers of children are being left to fend and find ways to survive on their own, as one in four adults are infected with HIV/AIDS. Orphans as young as three and four years old end up on the streets, begging for a few Kwacha.  These children grow void of love and affection.  They also grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow.  The survivors will be the leaders of this country’s future.

The focus of the Faith’s Orphans Fund (FOF) is the children of Zambia, to show them hope and love in a very tangible way. FOF endeavours to meet the holistic needs of orphaned children in Zambia, to enable them to have a chance in life, and in doing so break the cycle of HIV/AIDS and the resulting poverty.




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